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Cold Pressed Lighting Oil 1 liter(100% pure)
Product Code: OrganicCPLO
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Weight : 1kg

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Cold Pressed Lighting Oil 1 liter(100% pure)

This oil is mostly used for lighting lamps/ deepam in Indian homes. We light lamps in temples, pooja rooms, divine corners, for inaugurations, festivals like Diwali, etc. Lighting oil helps in lasting the flame for a longer time. This oil retains a positive environment with long lasting lamps.

Deepam is full of symbolism. It means that if you have faith, you'll see God. Here's one of many pointed out by Sathguru Venkataraman: deepam(lamp) = body, wick = Sathguru, oil = faith, light = God.

Deepam is to remove the darkness from the mind and heart. Light is the symbol of glittering the mind. We have to be purified. We should spread happiness everywhere. The oil deepam signifies the light of knowledge, which dispels the darkness of ignorance. It shines itself and causes the objects around to shine due to its reflection. The fire which is at the middle of the five elements-Earth,Water,Fire,Air,Space-and gives them power and heat is the splendor that is at the middle of the body of all living beings. 

Deities  and their favorite Oil deepam’s:
  • Shree Mahalakshmi - Cow's Ghee
  • Subramanya/Shreemannarayana - Sesame Oil
  • Ganesha - Coconut Oil
  • Devi Parashakti - Mixture of Ghee, Castor oil, Coconut oil,Ippanune (Oil extracted from a fruit resembling dried grapes),Vepanune (Oil extracted from the Neem Leaves)
  • All the gods  - Sesame Oil
  • Directions for Deepam:
    North - For success in all ventures undertaken. Most preferable direction to place and light a lamp.
    East – For good health and peace of mind.
    West – For freedom from debts and victory over enemies
    South - Never light a lamp in the south direction. It is considered inauspicious. 
  • Deepam can be lighted with different oils:  
    Cow's ghee - Ensures radiance and Heavenly bliss  Ghee - Wealth, Health and Happiness
    Gingely oil/Sesame oil - Removes unforeseen dangers, Inauspicious events
    Castor oil - Fame, Happy family life, and to gain Spiritual intellect 
    A lamp lit with til oil it is believed will keep the snakes away by it smell.
    Scientific Reasons:
    The light rays produces magnetic forces and change the atmosphere of the room and the air content in the room changes a lot, which penetrates through the skin of the human, activate the nerves penetrates thro the nerves and directly curing the blood. saligramas which will split the light in to several parts as Ultra violet, ultra red, Ultra blue, and produces ultra sound which takes the light rays in to the body. Turmeric, near those saligramas which will act as a preservative. The electromagnetic force that settles on the skin still works for three hours so that it penetrates in the body and encourages the blood cells. It also chases away the diseases.

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